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"Printechnologics has developed game changing technology enabling printed circuit structures on paper."
(Stefan Gabriel, president of 3M New Venture)
Our vision is breathing digital life into all printed products.
Printechnologics is the leading technology developer in field of printed electronics.
We are able to offer a dramatically new technology enabling print products to communicate with the online world by only one touch. Printed during a regular offset printing machine process, our invisible identification tag - which we named AirCode - interacts with online world just by one touch. Holding on smartphone - being online - as easy as it sounds.
Using known materials and processes, the AirCode is thin, flexible, recyclable, invisible and robust. But furthermore, the additional production costs are just a fraction of a cent.
Including all these advantages, the AirCode comes down to everyday end user applications like marketing, brand protection, ticketing, publishing or gaming - just to name a few.
Since 2010, we are a 3M Company.
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4 Apr 2023

Smart Packaging 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
2 Jul 2020

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
17 Aug 2018

Fraunhofer ENAS

The group developed printed flexible battery based on zinc-carbon chemistry.
6 Jan 2014

Printed Electronics Technology, Supplier and Case Study Snapshot

The following article summarizes the current status of the main printed electronics technologies for components in consumer goods and healthcare applications, providing for each one market drivers, case studies and key suppliers, cost structures and challenges.
5 Nov 2013

The RFID Market and the Opportunity for Printed Electronics (2)

In the previous article we looked at the size of the RFID market and how printed electronics was impacting the manufacturing of antennas for RFID tags. In this article, IDTechEx explores the latest progress in replacing the silicon chip in an RFID tag.
14 Feb 2013

Outlook for smart packaging: $75 million to $1.45 billion in ten years

It has been a slow path to commercialize smart packaging. Despite strong needs such as the aging population, tougher legislation, huge waste, more demanding consumers and concerns about safety and crime; commercial success has been mixed.
15 Jan 2013

Heidelberg showcases visionary print applications

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is showcasing visionary application concepts based on innovating printing processes at the Heidelberg site's Research & Development Center.
14 Jan 2013


10 Jan 2013


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23 Oct 2012

Printechnologics gold winner of Wall Street Journal Technology Award

Printechnologics Touchcode was awarded with the renowned Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Awards, which honors outstanding technological breakthroughs and innovations.
11 May 2012

Et Tu Barclé?

Be it betrayal or euthanasia, Clinton Card's demise was due to a dearth of innovation, however the intrigues of the trio Barclays, Lloyds and American Greetings remain a mystery. What we do know is that Clinton has failed where many thrive - not least MoonPig®, Card Factory® and American Greetings®.
4 Apr 2012

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2012 Award Winners

The annual printed electronics award winners were announced at the IDTechEx Awards Dinner in Berlin, Germany on April 3rd. The awards recognize outstanding progress in the development and commercialization of printed electronics, an industry that produces a huge amount of technical innovation which will be used in many products.
3 Apr 2012

Commercialisation Strategies and Success

Printechnologics GmbH, Germany
14 Mar 2012

Printed Electronics Europe 2012: Here comes the user pull

Printed Electronics have come of age: Here comes the user pull from a large "user pool". At the Printed Electronics Europe 2012 Berlin event, every attendee will become a user after receiving a working printed electronics product.
22 Feb 2012

Paper electronics is successful: where next?

Electronics and electrics on or in paper is being used for security, safety, crime prevention, brand enhancement and merchandising.
3 Feb 2012

Printed Electronics for Electric Vehicles

More and more giant corporations are buying into printed electrics by acquiring companies partly or wholly in the field. The world's second largest chemical company Dow bought Rohm & Haas (materials), 3M bought into Printechnologics (printed patterns read by mobile phones) and DuPont bought Innovalight (nanosilicon layers to increase photovoltaic efficiency).
30 Jan 2012

Giants buy into Printed Electronics

More and more giant corporations are buying into printed electrics by acquiring companies partly or wholly in the field.
26 Oct 2011

Printechnologics connects luxury brands with Touchcode technology

The WELT Group is the first one to use Printechnologics' Touchcode technology by linking the sixth edition of its iPad magazine The ICONIST with the style magazine ICON.
17 Aug 2011

Electronic Brand Enhancement for CPG to Reach $1.7 Billion in 2022

According to IDTechEx research in the new report "Brand Enhancement by Electronics in Packaging 2012-2022" the global demand for electronic smart packaging devices is currently at a tipping point and will grow rapidly from $0.03 billion in 2012 to $1.7 billion in 2022. The electronic packaging (e-packaging) market will remain primarily in consumer packaged goods CPG reaching 35 billion units that have electronic functionality in 2022.