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24 Mar 2010

The truly integrated circuit is printed and flexible

For 40 years, so called integrated circuits have integrated little more than transistors, diodes and sensors onto one piece of material but now there are much more integrated circuits arriving where most electrical and electronic components are co-deposited on flexible substrates. Those flexible substrates are key, because this new electronics will be affordable and desirable on everything from apparel to human skin and electrical and consumer packaged goods, where surfaces are only rarely flat.
9 Jul 2009

Edible RFID

Electronic tattoos applied to animals and meat employ FDA approved dyes that can be read with microwaves at a distance.
19 Mar 2009

Business applications for printed electronics

Recently, the commercialization of printed electronics has progressed from conductive patterns to batteries, displays, sensors, resistors, solar cells, lighting and transistor circuits, increasingly in combination.
25 Feb 2009

SOMARK closes VC deal with Finistere Ventures and T2, Opens R&D

SOMARK Innovations, Inc. raised a round of venture capital financing, led by Finistere Ventures and T2 Venture Capital.
18 Feb 2009

Printed electronics is profitable

What makes investors invest? What leads to profit sooner rather than later? What are the hot applications and technologies? What are the market forecasts? What comes next? Attend Printed Electronics Europe 2009 to find out,
13 Feb 2009

Somark closes VC deal with Finistere Ventures and T2

SOMARK is developing a patented chipless RFID tattoo for animal identification systems.
10 Sep 2007

New Broadband UHF Labels with Printed Antennas

Although most UHF passive tag suppliers lose money, some spectacularly so, several are in it for the long haul and they continue to improve their products.
16 Jul 2007

Printed Electronics is More Disruptive than we Realised

More savvy developers are now realizing that printed electronics can be a completely new way of doing things and we are only just beginning to understand how revolutionary and wide ranging this is.
11 Jul 2007

The Market for Organic and Printed Electronics

Based on the latest research by IDTechEx, reported in the new report Organic & Printed Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007-2027, the market for printed and thin film electronics will be $1.18 billion in 2007. IDTechEx forecast the market growing to $5.06 billion by 2011, and $48.18 billion in 2027.
6 Jun 2007

How to Eat RFID

24 May 2007

Printed Electronics - the Big Picture

Most of the thousand or more participants in printed electronics are attempting incremental improvements to existing products and missing the big picture...
22 Feb 2007

Fake Fingerprints…Biocompatible Chipless RFID Ink Tattoo

Somark Innovations Inc, United States
15 Nov 2006

Progress with Next Generation RFID Technology

RFID technology is moving on apace in some areas. Certainly EPC Gen2 tags have demonstrated spectacular performance improvements when tagging cases and pallets. However work is still needed.
23 Feb 2006

Track food and livestock by printing electronics