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TERA‐BARRIER FILMS is jointly founded by Senthil Ramadas and Mark Auch along with Exploit Technologies Pte. Ltd. TBF is a spin‐off company from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering/A*STAR. The strong patent portfolio (29 patents) on transparent gas barrier technology, encapsulation and gas permeation measurement system has been transferred to the company. The technology know‐how and expertise could provide a total barrier solution for flexible solar cell and flexible electronics device manufacturers. Tera‐Barrier is working in nexus with solar, display and printed electronics customers and has received several product validation reports.
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Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd
7 Jan 2020

Founder of Tera-Barrier Films is Innovator of the Year for Technology

With Senthil's innovation, the barrier properties of a single oxide barrier layer increased to up to 10,000 times, when a single nano sealing layer is coated on the barrier oxide layer. Barrier properties of the multilayer skyrocketed to up to 10-7 grams per square meter per day as tested by the top university in Japan.
2 Oct 2014

Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd

16 Dec 2013


9 Aug 2013


18 Apr 2013

The Pivotal Role of Nanoparticles in Ultra High Barrier Films

Tera-Barrier Films, Singapore
21 Jan 2013


15 Jan 2013

Tera-Barrier Films

Tera Barrier is a spin-off from the A*Star Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore. They are developing a thin film flexible barriers for use in organic electronics and thin film PV industries. The technology utilities metal nanoparticles and can be deposited using high-speed techniques such sputtering. Their display grade layer has been evaluated by the Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science and has been found to have a 10E-6 WVTR using the Tritium test. Tera-Barriers will be ramping up production via partnership with a Japanese manufacturer.
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10 Jan 2013

Toray Industries Inc

1 Dec 2011

The Pivotal Role of Nanoparticles in Ultra High Barrier Films

Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd, Singapore
6 Apr 2011

Total Barrier Solutions for Solar and Plastic Electronics Applications

Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd, Singapore