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Texas A&M University is the first public research university in the state of Texas and also has the largest student body; the flagship campus is located in College Station, Texas and is well known for research excellence in engineering (currently #15 in the country in the engineering graduate rankings). Texas A&M is particularly known for transferring technologies developed within the university to the marketplace for the public good, both through facilitating start-ups from within the university system as well as licensing and sponsored research agreements with industry partners.
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Texas A&M University
11 Oct 2023

Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien
21 Jun 2023

Carbon Nanotubes 2023-2033: Market, Technology & Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Alex Holland
9 Feb 2023

Blue Hydrogen Production and Markets 2023-2033: Technologies, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Chingis Idrissov
14 Sep 2022

National Science Foundation to Support ASTM Additive Manufactucturing

The newly funded $4 million NSF EPSCoR award is to conduct research on rapid qualification for additively manufactured critical components used in key industries including aviation, space, and medical industries.
23 Aug 2022

New Inks for 3D Printable Wearable Bioelectronics

Flexible electronics have enabled the design of sensors, actuators, microfluidics and electronics on flexible, conformal and/or stretchable sublayers for wearable, implantable or ingestible applications. However, these devices have very different mechanical and biological properties when compared to human tissue and thus cannot be integrated with the human body.
10 Aug 2022

A Simple, Cheap Material for Carbon Capture, Perhaps from Tailpipes

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas warming Earth and is emitted in large quantities in the flue gas from industrial and power plants. A new method for removing CO2 from these flue gases involves piping the emissions through a porous material based on the chemical melamine. DETA, a chemical bound inside the porous melamine, grabs CO2 and removes it from the gas, with nitrogen vented to the atmosphere.
27 Jun 2022

Blood Pressure E-Tattoo Promises Continuous, Mobile Monitoring

Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of heart health, but it's tough to frequently and reliably measure outside of a clinical setting. For decades, cuff-based devices that constrict around the arm to give a reading have been the gold standard. But now, researchers have developed an electronic tattoo that can be worn comfortably on the wrist for hours and deliver continuous blood pressure measurements at an accuracy level exceeding nearly all available options on the market today.
23 May 2022

Hubble Reaches New Milestone in Mystery of Universe's Expansion Rate

Pursuit of the universe's expansion rate began in the 1920s with measurements by astronomers Edwin P. Hubble and Georges Lemaître. In 1998, this led to the discovery of "dark energy," a mysterious repulsive force accelerating the universe's expansion. In recent years, thanks to data from Hubble and other telescopes, astronomers found another twist: a discrepancy between the expansion rate as measured in the local universe compared to independent observations from right after the big bang, which predict a different expansion value.
18 May 2022

3D Printed Shape Memory Alloy with Superior Superelasticity

Laser powder bed fusion, a 3D-printing technique, offers potential in the manufacturing industry, particularly when fabricating nickel-titanium shape memory alloys with complex geometries. Although this manufacturing technique is attractive for applications in the biomedical and aerospace fields, it has rarely showcased the superelasticity required for specific applications using nickel-titanium shape memory alloys.
5 May 2022

Building A Better Spacesuit

Researchers are working to enhance the current gas-pressurized suits to make them more accommodating for astronauts exploring planetary surfaces.
10 Mar 2022

AI Predicts Algae Potential as Alternative Energy Source

Scientists are using artificial intelligence to set a new world record for producing algae as a reliable, economic source for biofuel that can be used as an alternative fuel source for jet aircraft and other transportation needs.
4 Nov 2021

Sustainable Production of Graphene from Petroleum Coke

Presentation on the sustainable production of graphene from petroleum coke using electrochemical exfoliation by Micah J. Green from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University.
Included are:
1 Nov 2021

Enhanced Touch Screens Could Help You 'Feel' Objects

The next time you buy a new couch, you may not ever have to leave your old one to get a feel for the texture of the new material.
1 Nov 2021

Increased Cognitive Demands Offset Low-Back Exoskeleton Advantages

Although novel ergonomic interventions such as industrial exoskeletons have shown promise in reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, new research finds that the cognitive fit (where the wearer has ample mental resources available to accurately operate the exoskeleton while conducting their daily work tasks) of such wearable robotic solutions in the workplace may impose newer risks on workers.
4 Oct 2021

Tweaking Alloy Microchemistry For Flawless Metal 3D Printing

A new study has further refined the process of creating superior metal parts using laser powder bed fusion 3D printing techniques. By using a combination of machine learning and single-track 3D printing experiments, they have identified the favorable alloy chemistries and process parameters, like laser speed and power, needed to print parts with uniform properties at the microscale.
6 Jul 2021

Pacemaker-Like Devices Could Restore Lost Oral Function

Even the mundane act of swallowing requires a well-coordinated dance of more than 30 muscles of the mouth. The loss of function of even one of these due to disease or injury can be debilitating. For these people, nerve stimulation offers a ray of hope to regain some of their lost oral function.
24 Jun 2021

Machine Learning Can Reduce Worry About Nanoparticles In Food

While crop yield has achieved a substantial boost from nanotechnology in recent years, alarms over the health risks posed by nanoparticles within fresh produce and grains have also increased. In particular, nanoparticles entering the soil through irrigation, fertilizers and other sources have raised concerns about whether plants absorb these minute particles enough to cause toxicity.
28 May 2021

Technology to Monitor Mental Wellbeing Right at Your Fingertips

To help patients manage their mental wellness between appointments, researchers have developed a smart device-based electronic platform that can continuously monitor the state of hyperarousal, one of the signs of psychiatric distress. They said this advanced technology could read facial cues, analyze voice patterns and integrate readings from built-in vital signs sensors on smartwatches to determine if a patient is under stress.
1 Feb 2021

Smart Algorithm Cleans up Images by Searching Buried Noise

To enter the world of the fantastically small, the main currency is either a ray of light or electrons. Strong beams, which yield clearer images, are damaging to specimens. On the other hand, weak beams can give noisy, low-resolution images.
11 Jan 2021

Stimulating Endings of the Vagus Nerve with Light to Combat Obesity

Gastric bypass surgery is sometimes the last resort for those who struggle with obesity or have serious health-related issues due to their weight. Now researchers have described a medical device that might help with weight loss and requires a simple operative procedure for implantation.