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13 Dec 2022

Cultured Meat 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report:
26 Aug 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence for Early Autism Disorder Detection

Could artificial intelligence be used to assist with the early detection of autism spectrum disorder? That's a question researchers are trying to answer. But they're taking an unusual tack.
28 Sep 2021


IDTechEx interviewed Venk Varadan, Co-Founder and CEO of Nanowear. They are developing a new type of nanotechnology-based sensing material in textile, with applications in AI-based remote diagnostics applications.
7 Apr 2020

Researchers Developing Prediction Models for Coronavirus

Thwe research focuses on big data, blockchain technologies, information assurance and biomedical informatics. For this project, the researchers will use a novel, blockchain-based artificial intelligence system, which integrates information on the relationships of biological systems, to predict trends and changes as the coronavirus spreads. The system will be evaluated and tested through various coronavirus benchmark datasets.
7 Aug 2019

Building a 'Swarm' of 3D-Printing Robots

Imagine the interior of a cavernous structure, a factory or airplane hangar, for example. And inside this spacious room, a swarm of robots, dozens, if not hundreds of autonomous machines, scaled up to the size of giant forklifts, are working together, like army ants, to build a commercial airplane, layer by layer, instead of assembling and riveting metal sheets.
8 Jul 2019

Low-cost method to create thin film electrodes for supercapacitors

Researchers have developed a new and inexpensive method to fabricate thin film electrode materials for supercapacitors that produce higher power at a lower cost.
21 Jun 2019

Cytophone detects melanoma in earliest stages

A research team has demonstrated the ability to detect and kill circulating tumor cells in the blood using a noninvasive device called Cytophone that integrates a laser, ultrasound and phone technologies.
12 Feb 2018

Researching a new source of green energy

Research has shown that the motion of two-dimensional materials may be used as a source of clean, limitless energy.
24 Nov 2017

Using natural motion of 2D materials as source of clean energy

Graphene is a seemingly impossible material. For years, scientists had theorized that lifting a single layer of carbon atoms from a chunk of graphite could produce the first two-dimensional material, which they called graphene.
15 Nov 2017

2D Materials for Supercapacitor Application

University of Arkansas, United States
18 Apr 2017

Non-flammable graphene membrane developed for safe mass production

Researchers have discovered a simple and scalable method for turning graphene oxide into a non-flammable and paper-like graphene membrane that can be used in large-scale production.
2 Nov 2016

Skin patch to treat peanut allergy

A wearable patch that delivers small amounts of peanut protein through the skin shows promise for treating children and young adults with peanut allergy.
4 Oct 2016

Nickel graphene can be tuned for optimal fracture strength

Researchers found that nanocomposites composed of layers of nickel and graphene — a promising new material for flexible electronics devices — can be tuned for optimal fracture strength by manipulating the structural arrangement of the graphene sheets.
2 Mar 2016

NextFlex America's flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing institute

NextFlex, America's Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, has officially welcomed its founding members.
6 Jan 2016

Robotics to help blind and visually impaired to recognize objects

A hand-worn robotic device is being developed that will help millions of blind and visually impaired people navigate past movable obstacles or assist in their ability to pre-locate, pre-sense and grasp an object.
29 Apr 2014

Higher solar-cell efficiency with zinc-oxide coating

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have achieved the highest efficiency ever in a 9 millimeter-squared solar cell made of gallium arsenide.
25 Jul 2007

Smart Garments Provide Point of Care Diagnostics

The development of intelligent miniaturised biosensors capable of wireless communication will fundamentally change the way we monitor and treat patients with chronic disease and after surgery.
28 Mar 2006

Does RFID Reduce Out of Stocks?

University of Arkansas, United States
17 Oct 2005

RFID update from Wal-Mart

As other pilots have also shown, using RFID to increase sales by reducing stock outs shows an excellent payback. Now, Wal-Mart claim a 16% reduction in out-of-stocks using RFID.
1 Oct 2005

RFID progress at Wal-Mart