IDTechEx Discusses the Key Emerging Applications for Conductive Inks

The conductive inks market is set to exceed US$6.5 billion by 2034, but remains a highly segmented market, across a diverse range of application areas for a number of conductive ink types. The current market landscape is dominated by silver flake-based inks, particularly in photovoltaics, but with emerging opportunities for both silver flake-based and other types of conductive inks, the evolution of the market over the coming decade is not straightforward.
IDTechEx has covered the conductive inks market for over two decades and in their latest report, "Conductive Inks Market 2024-2034: Technologies, Applications, Players", provides a critical independent view of the entire industry. Based on primary research and interviews with over 30 companies, the report assesses the market for eight different conductive ink types across 15 different applications.
This webinar will tackle the important question of which applications will drive the conductive inks market, taking into consideration both the volume and value of the required inks for each application. It will include:
  • Introduction to the broad family of conductive inks, the range of applications covered by IDTechEx and the segmentation of forecast lines in the report.
  • The status and outlook for the dominant conductive ink type, silver flake-based ink, including an assessment of current demand and a ten-year forecast.
  • An overview of emerging applications such as 3D electronics, printed heaters, and RFID & smart packaging; alongside analysis of the required conductive inks.
  • Critical assessment of the outlook for non-silver inks such as stretchable/thermoformable inks and copper inks.