3D Printing - Envisioning the Virtual Factory of the Future (3D Printing USA 2015)

Mr John Dogru, CEO
United States


USA 2015 Audio Presentation - 3DPrinterOS*

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Presentation Summary

3D printing will play a pivotal role in the factory of the future. Learn how 3D printing disrupts traditional manufacturing methods and how it fits within the entire manufacturing ecosystem.
In this session you will discover:
  • How companies today are deploying 3D printing
  • What tools are essential for successful deployment of the AM process
  • Best practices for increasing utilization

Speaker Biography (John Dogru)

John Dogru is one of the leading innovators in 3D printing software. He is the co-founder and CEO of 3DPrinterOS, the world's first operating system for 3D printers. Previously he was former lead engineer at Dell, founder at iMedicor and NuScribe as well as multiple other tech start-ups. His 20 years of experience in automated manufacturing and software development give him a unique vantage point into the future of additive manufacturing.

Company Profile (3DPrinterOS)

3DPrinterOS logo
3DPrinterOS disrupts traditional manufacturing with the world's first cloud operating system for 3D printers.
Current 3D printing is incredibly fragmented and difficult for the average person or enterprise to adopt. OEM's are creating machine specific, difficult to use software. Enterprises need a standard platform that can protect IP and original 3d files from being exposed and educational institutions need an infinitely scalable system that works across multiple OEM's.
3DPrinterOS provides a standard platform to seamlessly prepare and secure designs, fix, store and stream files to ~70% of 3D printers. Their software makes it easy to monitor IP and manage entire networks of 3D printers. This allows OEM's to focus on hardware, enterprises to securely bring 3D printing into the workplace and educational institutions to manage both printers and users.
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