A New Ultra-fast Simultaneous Drive-Sense Technology for Sensor Applications (Sensors USA 2019)

Dr Gerald Morrison, CTO
United States


USA 2019 _ SigmaSense _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ SigmaSense _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ SigmaSense _ Presentation*

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Speaker Biography (Gerald Morrison)

Dr. Gerald Morrison has been conceptualizing and creating solutions to real-world business problems for more than 20 years. He pioneered a new class of touch sensing technology that is used by millions of users. Throughout his extensive career, he has held many roles in research, product development, product management, intellectual property planning and assessment, team leadership, strategic planning, business development and data science. He excels at taking early stage research through to commercialization by bridging the gaps between foundational research, early prototypes and product development. Dr. Morrison has published and presented at many academic and industrial conferences around the world. As an innovator and problem-solver, he is a named inventor on more than 130 granted patents worldwide.

Company Profile (SigmaSense)

SigmaSense LLC is bringing touch to every display, everywhere. SigmaSense's 3D Capacitive Imaging changes everything, making all displays interactive and engaging. SigmaSense pioneered the breakthrough foundational technology, DriveSense™, which changes how the industry approaches a wide variety of product designs that employ sensors. This new innovation uses concurrent, drive and sense on a single pin, which has never been done before in the touch input industry. Unprecedented noise immunity, and greater accuracy at lower power is now available to our customers. Our technology is applicable to a wide range of fast growing markets such as digital signage, table-top gaming displays, medical, IoT, automotive, aerospace and other use cases that benefit from the DriveSense approach.
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