Battery 2nd Life Using BIND Battery™ Technology (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2019)

Dr Hisashi Tsukamoto, CEO, Founder


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Presentation Summary

This is a report of demonstration project of Battery 2nd Life. A Li-ion battery pack used for Communication Back Up was re-assembled and tested for LSEV application. LSEV stands for "Low Speed Electric Vehicle" vastly used in China, India and other ASEAN countries. LSEV has been an important mobility solution for short distance especially for low-income-people. The choice of battery has been Lead-Acid Batteries due to its low cost and availability.
This project is to provide an affordable battery up-grade solution for LSEV by using BIND Battery™ Technology. BIND Battery™ is a patented (JP, EU and US) technology by CONNEXX SYSTEMS which allows different chemistry battery such as LiB and Lead-Acid Battery work together coherently in a simple parallel connection.
In this testing, for an affordable LiB, the retired communication Li-ion battery (COM LiB) was used. There will be a vast amount of retired Li-ion battery available from EV market in future. It will be 5-6 years later. As of today, accessible retired Li-ion battery is from Communication application such as Cell tower back up. The retired COM LiB still has 70% energy, but it is less than ideal for mobility application since it is originally designed for low rate charge-discharge application and it is neglected low temperature capability. CONNEXX SYSTEMS has applied its unique BIND Battery™ technology to the retired COM LiB and overcame those issues. In BIND Battery™, Lead-Acid Battery not only supports instant power and low temperature capacity but also it provides extra safety through its intrinsic overcharge gas absorption reaction (Lead-Acid). The mixing ratio of COM LiB and Lead-Acid Battery is typically 40:60 energy ratio. This unique hybrid battery can provide enhanced cycle life and better one-charge-distance, and elongated time till recycle.

Speaker Biography (Hisashi Tsukamoto)

Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto founded CONNEXX SYSTEMS Corp. in KYOTO, Japan in 2012.
The company is dedicated to build energy storage infrastructure for cleaner and safer world. The company develops disruptive ultra high energy density All-Solid Iron-Air battery, SHUTTLE Battery and the Energy Storage System with it.
In his previous work, he was a Co-founder and CEO/CTO at Quallion LLC in Los Angeles USA where he developed and manufactured implantable medical batteries and Satellite batteries.

Company Profile (Connexx Systems Corp)

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CONNEXX SYSTEMS is a start-up energy venture founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2012. Its core technology is a evolutional battery chemistry such as BIND Battery (Li-ion and PbB Hybrid), HYPER Battery (Ultra high power Li-ion) and SHUTTLE Battery (Disruptive high energy density Iron-Air Battery). However the company's aim is not just to manufacture advanced batteries but to build energy storage infrastructure with these batteries for cleaner and safer world.
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