BMW's Role In Supporting Decarbonization And Mobility Of The Future (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2019)

Dr Monterey Gardiner, Senior Hydrogen & Emobility Technology Engineer
United States


USA 2019 _ BMW _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Discussion of BMW's view of electric vehicles and hydrogen car supporting additional renewable energy (variable generation) into the grid without disrupting power quality. The presentation will highlight BMW's commitment to carbon free transportation and highlight upcoming models.

Speaker Biography (Monterey R. Gardiner)

Dr. Monterey R. Gardiner has 15 years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology development & energy management. He currently works as a Senior Hydrogen and eMobility Technologies Engineer at BMW Group's Technology Office USA. His responsibilities include scouting, safety codes-standards development, and exploring opportunities towards decarbonization. Formerly he acted as a liaison manager for BMW Group in Tokyo, Japan through: homologation, nurturing technology partnerships and scouting new technologies. From 2007 to 2014 at the U.S. Department of Energy he managed: renewable energy grid integration backed by techno-economic analysis, H2 storage & delivery R&D technology prioritization through roadmaps to advance maturity and meet long-term H2 cost reduction targets. Following the 2011 earthquake he was selected as a Mike Mansfield Fellow to represent the US government at several Japanese organizations (METI, NEDO, Diet) and J-Power by learning Japanese processes & sharing knowledge about US policy-making in light of the 3E's+S (energy security, economically competitive, environment, +safety). 2004 he completed his doctorate in Transportation Technology & Policy, at the University of California Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. His energy focused career began at the California Fuel Cell Partnership as a Safety Engineer, and then as fleet manager of Hyundai's first fuel cell electric vehicle demonstrations in California.

Company Profile (BMW)

Founded in 1998, the BMW Group Technology Office USA is located in Mountain View, California and currently employs a diverse team from multidisciplinary fields.
The office reflects the spirit of technological innovation embodied by its Silicon Valley setting, bringing together associates to work towards one common goal: the identification of new technologies and trends relevant to BMW, and their incorporation into new products as quickly as possible.
The Mountain View team works to ensure that BMW remains at the forefront of global trends and technology. The researchers and developers concentrate preliminary on Sustainability and Digitalization. That includes but isn't limited to future mobility concepts, smart grid and smart home, battery technology and powertrain topics, as well as sensor technologies, Big Data and machine learning, user experience concepts and highly automated driving.
The offices are easily accessible via the Bay Shore Freeway and are less than a mile from the water and green spaces of Shoreline Park.
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