Broadening The Human Perception (Wearable Europe 2019)

Laura Bücheler, Co-founder
Ghost - Feel It


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Presentation Summary

Using haptic user interfaces and a sufficient training period, our bodies are capable of interpreting almost any set of information we can imagine. Not being able to perceive the world around us is one of humanity's biggest drivers of unhappiness. GHOST - feel its mission is to enable tier 1 companies to offer a haptic user interface to their customers and getting involved in the haptic technology trend with a head start.

Speaker Biography (Laura Bücheler)

Laura Bücheler is the CEO and Co-Founder of GHOST- feel it., a Berlin based startup developing haptic User Interfaces to broaden the human perception.
She is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur with a mission to connect different disciplines for the best results. Her experience in the sensor industry and development, enables her to lift haptic user interfaces to the next level and grow the industry to the magnitude of its potential.

Company Profile (Ghost - Feel It)

Ghost - Feel It logo
GHOST- feel it is a Berlin based startup focused on broadening the human perception. Using haptic user interfaces which can be integrated into end user products mainly in the industries of medical devices, automotive, gaming and wearables.
While their first product is focused on creating feeling in a prosthesis, future products can enable humanity to sense anything from robotics to radiation.
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