Central Monitoring and Troubleshooting of IoT Networks - Meeting the SLA Challenge (Internet of Things & WSN Europe 2014)

Mr Rubi Elbirt, VP Business Development and International Sales
Apr 02, 2014.


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Perytons*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Perytons*

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Presentation Summary

Information from the IoT connected devices is just 'expected' to be available and up-to-date.
But actually for the data to get to the cloud it should be transferred from different networks, using multiple/still-evolving protocols and implemented by a variety of vendors - interoperability in the lab can not address all issues.
In light of these constraints, some of the challenges to address include:
  • Having an out of band monitoring and troubleshooting path that is transparent to protocol changes and vendor implementation
  • Analyzing remote M2M wireless and wire-line networks via non-intrusive probes
  • Automatic preemptive fault identification
  • Independent data logging - for debugging and audit purposes
  • Providing tools for service providers - helping to meet SLA
  • Supporting of both low level call center needs as well as sophisticated, professional, back-office personnel

Speaker Biography (Rubi Elbirt)

Rubi is responsible for Perytons' distribution channels, strategic partnerships and direct sales. In his former roles in various companies, Rubi has held senior managerial positions in the Marketing, Sales and Business Development areas. In Motorola Communications Israel, Rubi managed the Sales of Motorola's Alarm and Control product line for South and East Europe. In Hewlett Packard Israel, Rubi helped to expand the market reach and awareness of HP's Unix Solutions. In Dekolink Wireless, he helped the company penetrate successfully in the South American and Asian markets. While managing the sales for South Europe and South Africa for Jacada, Rubi succeeded introducing the company's solutions to new customers in both the Telecom and financial markets.
Rubi holds a BsC in Electrical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University.