Commercial Scale Manufacturing Of Smart Textile Devices (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Mr Bill Babe, Sales & Marketing Manager
Liquid X Printed Metals
United States


USA 2019 _ Liquid X Printed Metals _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Liquid X Printed Metals _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Liquid X, along with its strategic partners, has developed and proven a commercially viable and cost-effective solution for roll-to-roll manufacturing of smart textiles. This technique utilizes Liquid X's proprietary particle-free conductive inks, as well as dielectric, thermochromic, electrochromic, and graphic inks. Liquid X's manufacturing process allows for the design and build of fully integrated textile-based systems that incorporate multiple components connected to a single interface.

Speaker Biography (Bill Babe)

Bill possesses over 8 years of successful technical sales and marketing experience. In his current role at Liquid X, Bill is responsible for project management, business development and sales, and market analysis. Prior to joining Liquid X, Bill ran the day to day operations for a regional distributor of water treatment products for the municipal water and wastewater industry. Bill has also acted as Marketing Manager/Technical Recruiter for a national engineering services firm with over 350 employees. In this role, Bill managed a multi-faceted marketing program to develop and refresh the marketing strategy; business intelligence tools; promotional materials; and public website. Bill received a B.A. in Psychology from Allegheny College. He completed a one year, full time program at Duquesne University and received an MBA with a focus on Sustainability.

Company Profile (Liquid X Printed Metals)

Liquid X Printed Metals® (Liquid X®), headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an advanced material manufacturer of functional metallic inks that takes an application from prototype to production.
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