Denkigami - Printed Educational Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Mr Valerian Blos, CTO/R&D Manager


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Presentation Summary

Denkigami are electronic origami animals, printed with conductive ink, to teach a young audience the basics of electronics. The distinctive aesthetics and playful narratives enable children with different skills, backgrounds or interests to take part without particular technical knowledge. We would like to present the development progress and value of 'pleasant design' for our product.
Personal bio - Valerian Blos
VALERIAN BLOS is a tinkerer, trained as Interaction-Designer and can build anything from tiny paper models to kids playgrounds. Valerian is also working as a supervisor and experience-enhancement specialist for innovative workshop formats at the „Staatliche Museen zu Berlin" and the „Make Your School - Ideenwerkstatt". He holds an MA in New Media Art from the University of Arts in Berlin.
Company profile
We are Designers and Artist with a passion for education and new technologies. As a collective we working on various projects between immersive experiences, exhibition design, and digital interfaces. Currently, we are developing the Denkigami and teaching basics of electronics to a young and diverse crowd.
We'd like to continue our project by making it available to a bigger audience and spread it in an international context. Our interests lay in educational formats, publications, teaching sets, toys, books or workshops. Currently, we are funded by the ‚Creative Prototype' Start-Up Scholarship from the University of Arts.

Company Profile (Denkigami)

Denkigami logo
The Denkigami (from Denki = jap. Electric / Gami = jap. Paper) - are electronic hybrids between animal and machine. A set consists of an A4 sheet with a "pop-out" character and the associated electronic components. The Denkigami were printed with conductive ink and can be equipped with motors, light sensors or Arduinochips. By putting together the animals come to life and teach children and adults the basics of electronics in a playful way.
The lively color palette, as well as sympathetic characters are outside of Clichés and gender subdivisions. So we can appeal to a large audience with different skills, backgrounds and talents
We want to develop the format and the technology and make it available to a larger, possibly international audience, for example in the form of learning tools, toys or workshops.
The Denkigami were developed and tested with the support of Futurium Berlin.
Currently we are funded by the Berlin Startup Scholarship 'Creative Prototyping' at the University of the Arts.
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