Dermo Smart Peptide Delivery: A Remote Release System (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2011)

Mr Eduard Loscos, Business Developer Manager R&D
Juni 21, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Universal platform for remote controlled delivery: scientific concept of the device
  • Development of the reactive encapsulating system
  • Active substrate: Release studies
  • Controlling electronics

Speaker Biography (Eduard Loscos)

BSc in Physics specialized in Optics. He was also proprietary and CEO of a graphic arts company settled in Barcelona called Atipic. It was focused on POS and advertising offset printing for international companies. He is currently working as a Business Developer in R&D Projects putting down together both his scientific and his printing industry knowledge background.

Company Profile (Cetemmsa)

Cetemmsa logo
Cetemmsa is a Spanish private research center performing Technological Transfer to help companies to do business with new and innovative products. Cetemmsa focuses its R&D towards applied research, and production of prototypes in the area of smart devices.
The R&D core activities are focused on 2 topics:
  • printed electronic (printed flexible electroluminescent, printed photovoltaic, OLEDs, hybrid Organic/inorganic LEDs, sensors, SMD hybridized flexible circuits, printed primary batteries)
  • integration of electronic into textile / objects (pressure sensors matrices, motion and acceleration sensors, electroluminescent panels, optical fibers, LEDs, embedded circuitry and antennas, sensors, energy harvesting solutions).
Cetemmsa is also member of the OE-A, and co-funded the Spanish cluster for Printed Electronics PEC4 (
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