Designing And Characterizing Peratech 3D Force-Sensing Solutions For Real-World Product Integration (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Dr Sarah Dempsey, Development Scientist
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Eliminating uncertainty and building customer confidence about a new technology is key to adoption in mass-production products. Peratech shares how it matches product-specification data and test methodologies with real-world requirements in human-machine interfaces for its QTC force-sensing solutions that go beyond industry norms, giving integrators critical information for product development.

Speaker Biography (Sarah Dempsey)

Dr Sarah Dempsey is a Development Scientist at Peratech, engaged in a range of activities aimed at improving the company's range of force-sensing solutions, including formulating new ink components that form the basis of its proprietary QTC® materials. Her work covers everything from tailoring sensor designs to meet customer needs through to developing test methods for evaluating and qualifying components. Sarah completed her PhD in the Centre for Materials Physics at Durham University and based her thesis on ways to optimise the active component in Peratech's ClearQTC ink, by understanding the unique way in which the materials worked.

Company Profile (Peratech)

Peratech logo
Peratech's force sensors are based on Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC®) technology and bring a new dimension to tactile controls. QTC sensors make touch buttons, panels and displays far easier to use and can be used above, below or around rigid or flexible displays, or under a variety of materials. The QTC touch experience is intuitive, consistent and reliable, whatever the environment, even when using gloved fingers or in the presence of moisture.
Peratech's award-winning, thin and flexible QTC sensors come in single-point, 3D single-touch, and 3D multi-touch versions. Peratech Holdco Ltd. is a privately held company based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK.
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