Development Of Energy Harvesting Material For TPMS Sensors (Sensors Europe 2019)

Dr Liubov Ebralidze, COO
Silent Sensors
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Silent Sensors is an innovative Rubber IoT company.
By integrating sensing functions and connectivity to elastomer parts, we can help the elastomer industry come up with smart solutions to avoid bad consequences and bring on the market parts that are safer, smarter and environment-friendlier.
We embed smart electronics into elastomers providing RFID tags, sensors, energy harvesting material and data to improve performance of assets, reduce operational costs and extend lifetime value. Silent Sensors' first and currently the main focus is the tyre industry.
We use additive printing technology with specially formulated inks for flexible stretchable substrates compatible with the tyre vulcanization processes. We provide thin film solid-state ultra-low power systems to power embedded electronics.

Speaker Biography (Liubov Ebralidze)

During the last five years, Liubov Ebralidze worked as a CEO at Comberry, an R&D company developing state of the art functional thin film materials. Liubov has an experience in conducting investments in innovative nanotechnology start-ups serving as an Investment Committee member at Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center. Most recently, she managed a multi-million dollar project setting up a joint venture of three Nanotechnology Centers in Russia and a Silicon Valley R&D company.
Liubov earned an LLM in American Law from Wake Forest University (USA) and a PhD in Civil and Business Law from Kazan Federal University (Russia).

Company Profile (Silent Sensors)

Silent Sensors logo
Silent Sensors is an innovative IOT (Internet of Things) company with a focus on tyres and tyre management. We have a number of exciting opportunities covering holistic tyre lifecycle management, in particular the development of RFID tagging, sensors and energy harvesting, all of which significantly reduce the total cost of operations of a fleet of vehicles, whether they be construction equipment, trucks, busses or cars.
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