Development Of Secured Edge Devices For Distributed Ledger Technology Based Networks (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019)

Mr Matthias Knapp, Software Development Engineer
Bosch Car Multimedia


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Europe 2019 (video) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Benefit and challenges of implementation on embedded devices executing data purchasing business.
Concept description and PoC implementation of authentication and data integrity check via smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. A secure off-chain communication channel, an on-chain authentication and payment channel between the two IoT devices will be described in details. Condition based user authentication, payment management and an evaluation system is implemented in the smart contract. The presentation provides an introduction in the Economy of Things including a theoretical concept and a Proof-of-Concept implementation (demonstrator).

Speaker Biography (Matthias Knapp)

Matthias Knapp is a Software Development Engineer in the Lead Development Software Program at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia, a Bosch business unit that develops smart integration solutions for entertainment, navigation, telematics and driver assistance functions used in the original equipment business. He gain experiences with IoT and distributed ledger technologies within a Bosch research project. During his study, Matthias worked for Bosch in North America and an automotive OEM in the field of passive safety. He graduated from Pforzheim University with a master's degree in Embedded Systems.