Dispenser Printed Electronic Devices Directly on to Fabric for Smart Textile Applications (Wearable Technology Europe 2015)

Dr Russel Torah, Senior Research Fellow
University of Southampton
United Kingdom
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - University of Southampton*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - University of Southampton*

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Presentation Summary

The University of Southampton has developed dispenser printable inks and processes for printing electronic functionality directly on to fabrics. Flexible polymer based electrically functional inks are used to print complex multi-layer electronic structures on to fabrics using a direct write process to create the next generation of smart textiles.

Speaker Biography (Russel Torah)

Russel Torah obtained a PhD in Electronics from the University of Southampton in 2004. Since 2005 he has been a full time researcher at the University of Southampton where he is currently a Senior Research Fellow. His research interests are currently focused on e-textile development but he also has extensive knowledge of energy harvesting, sensors and transducers. He has been part of the coordination team on three EU FP6 and FP7 projects in the energy harvesting and e-textile fields. Dr Torah has over 70 publications on sensor materials, energy harvesting and e-textiles. Dr Torah is a co-founder (in 2011) of the Smart Fabric Inks Ltd company specialising in printed smart fabrics.

Company Profile (University of Southampton)

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