Dressing Room or War Room; In apparel, winning or losing your customer begins in the dressing room (IDTechEx Wearable USA 2015)

Ms Claire Ortiz, CEO
Ortiz Industry
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Ortiz Industry*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Ortiz Industry*

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Presentation Summary

As the apparel and tech worlds continue to collide, pushing both industries beyond their current capabilities, expert apparel design and engineering execution are the key ingredients to success. In both industries, the road to victory will be paved by brands who can produce product that takes the end user into full consideration. The most critical consideration must be the human body in dynamic motion and its many shapes and sizes. The impulse and decision making process for someone buying a tech product is entirely different than making an apparel purchase. Apparel is decidedly an emotional purchase. In the apparel market, if you win in the dressing room, you've won the toughest battle.
The perfect fit, look and feel are an experienced blend of art and science. It is a process that relies on extensive research, mastery of technical and mechanical garment engineering, in depth study and understanding of the human body, and functional design artistry. Technology, cool gadgetry and advanced innovation in apparel are meaningless unless a garment makes a person look and feel great and is easy to use and care for. Loyal customer will only come back for more if the product meets this criteria.

Speaker Biography (Claire Ortiz)

Claire Ortiz is CEO and cofounder of "intelligent fashion" company Ortiz Industry,
Inc. By collaborating with the likes of DuPont to invent compounds for new
technical fibers, she is literally creating a multimillion-dollar market for
performance fashion that looks and feels good from a skateboard to a
As Global Creative Director at Nike, Claire was hired by basketball legend Michael
Jordan to turn Brand Jordan Apparel into a success. She carved out distribution
channels and partnerships across the U.S., Asia and Europe that took the business
from $15 million in 2000 to $128 million in 2005. Revenues tripled in 2003 alone.
For more than 25 years, Claire has built infrastructure and led teams in startup
environments and global corporations like Nike, Wilson and UnderArmour. She has
garnered a reputation for her entrepreneurial edge and ability to transform brands
into major revenue generators.
She also led creative and product campaigns for more than 100 NBA, NCAA and
NFL teams, and over 2,500 world-class Nike athletes during the 2008 Olympics.
Before starting Ortiz Industry, Claire launched the entire apparel and footwear
vertical as the Global Business Director for Wilson Sporting Goods. In just two years,
revenues hit $18 million and signed 18 professional Tour players. As UnderArmour's
Global Business and Creative Director prior to that, Claire led a rebranding effort
that increased revenue from $368 million to $410 million in a single year.
Claire's design background matches her entrepreneurial expertise. She is a selftaught
designer who created and sold her own successful label, Smoke Street
Couture, in her early 20s. At 26, she was hired on by the founder of Esprit Des Corps
to be Director of Design, heading the design of all women's products in the U.S.
and increasing revenues from $160 million to $400 million within two years. She also
led creative and product development at Eddie Bauer and AirWalk, working with
Tony Hawk as a young phenom, as well as brands like VH1 and MTV.
As a respected apparel-industry executive and proven veteran, Claire is a highly
sought after speaker and consultant, with clients like MagicSourcing, Babolat,
Tennis Warehouse, Men Chuen Fibre and several others. Being a woman of color,
her diverse ethnic background (African Am/Native Am/Portuguese/Mexican),
Claire takes pride in supporting the efforts of minority owned businesses and
Claire also sits on the advisory board Global Fashion Technology Federation.org

Company Profile (Ortiz Industry)

Ortiz Industry logo
with innovative products, creative and tactical solutions, and complete idea to consumer services. We do this through our mastery of advanced R&D, design, branding and go-tomarket strategies.
HOW: With four decades of experience in fashion and sport/activewear under one roof,we have the ability to create advanced materials technology and modern contemporary design. Our strong vendor alliance allows us to work with the leaders in apparel innovation and global supply chain.
WHY: Through extensive R&D, and our 'fly on the wall' mentality, we understand the need for fashion that acts as a force multiplier in people's lives. While the contemporary business casual apparel market remains unchanged, we are ready to give consumers a much needed change- professional clothing with technical benefits, advanced innovation, and extremely easy to maintain.
MISSION: To empower our customers and clients with innovative products, creative and tactical solutions, and complete idea to consumer services. We do this through our mastery of advanced R&D, design, branding and go-to-market strategies.
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