EV Technology Megatrends In The Next 20 Years (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2016)

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
United Kingdom


Europe 2016 Presentation - IDTechEx*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Some big technology changes will be explained including:
1. 48V mild hybrids steal the clothes of strong hybrids. Over $250 billion market possible for 48V mild hybrid cars with pure electric take-off/creeping/active coasting. They grab the market for hybrids that do not plug in by having half the cost? They grab the conventional ICE on-road market by economically meeting 2025/2030 emissions regulations? They become the biggest car powertrain market by number in 2026? The evolution of the reversing electric machines at the heart of this technology that perform starter, pure electric traction, engine torque assist and generation roles.
2. Pure electric powertrains take over most of the market around 2032? Reasons include emission, noise and cost control and compatibility with autonomy, connected vehicle and the new multiple energy harvesting.
3. How energy storage will tackled by Li-ion battery improvement and replacement and work-rounds sharply reducing amount of storage needed including -
4. Energy Independent Electric Vehicle EIV: the new end game. Aircraft aloft for 5-10 years, electric boats and cars run entirely on self-harvested sun, wind etc.
5. Structural electronics and other extreme lightweighting
6. Charging EVs using locally-harvested "free" wind, sun, tide, waves etc, including solar roads, tethered drones, dynamic harvesting.
7. Regenerative harvesting in the vehicle proliferates for efficiency and performance. Candidates include triboelectric tires, regenerative suspension, exhaust turbine and thermoelectrics, photovoltaics that is conformal, extending, transparent or textile (sails, airships), wind turbines.

Speaker Biography (Peter Harrop)

Dr Peter Harrop PhD, FIEE is Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd. He was previously Director of Technology of Plessey Capacitors Scotland and Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, a start-up he took to $260 million gross sales value with highly automated factories built in US and UK, without acquisitions. He was a board member of $1.5 bn Mars UK, a division of Mars Inc. Mars Electronics was sold for $500 million after he left, generating an excellent return.
He has been Chairman of 15 high tech companies over a period of years including turnrounds on behalf of venture capitalists such as Computer Security International. The largest was Pinacl plc in Wales, made profitable and grown to $100 million in fiber optic manufacture and multimillion dollar structural networks.
Peter lectures and consults internationally on electric vehicles, energy storage, energy harvesting and regeneration. He writes a minimum of five openly published techno-marketing reports yearly at IDTechEx. p.harrop@idtechex.com

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IDTechEx business and technology experts provide international perspective in a diverse range of emerging technologies including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, energy storage, life sciences, printed electronics, IoT and many other topics.
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