Fully Printed Iontophoertic Platform with an Integrated Printed Battery (Printed Electronics Europe 2009)

Dr Boaz Nitzan, Executive V.P. R&D
Power Paper, Israel
Apr 07, 2009.

Presentation Summary

  • structure of the printed electrochemical cell
  • Supporting technologies which enables fully Printed cell and its integration in the final product
  • Gaps & solutions for designing and producing fully printed, battery assisted, integrated system
  • The effect on design flexibility, product reliability and cost.

Speaker Biography (Boaz Nitzan)

10 years experience leading engineering, materials, chemistry of novel tech products with vast experience in the fields of printing and inks chemistries. Prior to joining Power Paper, he served as Materials Research and Development Manager at Pixdro, Ltd., a start-up focusing on printing flat panel displays, based on OLEDs, with Ink Jet technology. From 1999-2005 he served in a number of senior management positions in Scitex. Former Head, Materials R&D at Scitex Vision, Substrate development Group Manager at Aprion Digital and Senior R&D Manager at Scitex Ltd. Dr. Nitzan holds Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with specialization in surface science & special polymers for medical applications, and a Business Administration Diploma from Bar-Ilan University. He is also a co-author of 10 patents and numerous academic research papers.

Company Profile (Power Paper)

Power Paper logo
Power Paper ("Power Paper" or "the Company") is a leading developer of breakthrough active patches that deliver cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations for skincare and dermal diseases. The Company's disposable, non-invasive patches exponentially increase the penetration of cosmetic or topical formulations into the skin, thereby significantly enhancing the efficacy of the desired results. Power Paper's products are based on its printable, ink-based energy cells, which have been in development for over a decade, and are covered by 62 patents (granted and pending). The company develops patches addressing various cosmetic applications; anti-aging, antiwrinkle, skin whitening, anti-cellulite, acne and more. Pharmaceutical applications are also under development in collaboration with numerous partners. These product are sold worldwide by a vast network of cosmetics companies and distributors, including top-tier customers such as Estee Lauder, Amore Pacific and Dior. Using its proven technology platform, Power Paper is developing a number of therapeutic patch products to deliver pharmaceutical agents deep into the skin. The first of such segments that the Company is currently under initial stage of development is that of treatment of onychomycosis(nail fungus), an affliction that affects more than 30 million people in the U.S. alone. Feasibility proof-of-concept studies have demonstrated significant benefits of Power Paper's patch on nail appearance. Power Paper will generate approximately $3 million in revenues in 2007, with expected growth to $56 million by 2010. Founded in 1998, Power Paper is a well-established company with a mature core technology and management team. The Company's investors include top-tier venture capital firms, including Apax Partners (UK), Infinity (Israel), Amadeus Capital Partners (UK).
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