How Can I Use A Soft Circuit System (E-textile)? (Wearable Europe 2019)

Mr Gregory Beson, Principal Designer
LOOMIA Technologies, inc.
United States


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

This presentation will provide a short introduction into e-textiles, followed by a deep-dive into applications that go far beyond wearables. From automotive to Interiors, we'll explore potential use cases of soft circuit systems in several industries and discuss how existing technologies can support each one. Attendees should walk away with new ideas around e-textile use and integration.

Company Profile (LOOMIA Technologies, inc.)

We design and manufacture soft, flexible circuitry that can heat, light, sense and track data, while seamlessly integrating into soft goods.
The LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) is a soft flexible circuit that can be embedded into textiles for heating, lighting, sensing or data-tracking applications.
The LEL integrates seamlessly with your chosen material. Our IP is in several areas: flexible apparel-friendly connectors, components, custom battery form factors, and e-patterned materials.
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