How Functionalised Graphene Transforms Ordinary Materials Into Electrically Conductive, "Intelligent" Materials (Graphene Europe 2017)

Dr Phil Aitchison, COO and Head of R&D
Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd

Presentation Summary

Smart composites based on graphene are redefining of the internet of things from connected electronic widgets to smart materials that can make everything connected. When the materials themselves become self-reporting everything is part of the IoT. Imagine Intelligent Materials uses graphene to make composites electrically conducting and sensing. Adding communications adds new functionality and value to mundane materials, displacing expensive and high maintenance electronic systems with low cost, low maintenance materials that can piggy-back on existing infrastructure.

Speaker Biography (Phil Aitchison)

Phillip is Head of R&D at Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd, where he is also responsible for IP. He is a research executive with over 20 years experience in applied materials science, intellectual property, manufacturing, licensing and technology commercialisation in SME's, both private and listed.
Phillip's main fields of success have been in energy storage, notably lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors where nano-materials and carbon composites play a key role.
He has a Doctorate in Chemistry awarded jointly in 1998 by the University of Montpellier, France and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
In 2014 he co-founded Imagine with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers.

Company Profile (Imagine Intelligent Materials)

Imagine Intelligent Materials logo
Imagine built the first scalable graphene manufacturing plant in Australia. Their first product, imgne® X3, is a conductive coating, enabling leak detection in tailings dams and is marketed by market leading Australian geotextile company, Geofabrics.
Imagine's Finnish subsidiary focuses on signals processing and software development. Together these deliver a vertically integrated low-cost, real-time graphene sensing platform that can be scaled. Imagine plans to open a North American subsidiary in 2019.
Imagine is negotiating licensing and development agreements with several Fortune 500 companies and anticipates its first products going to market in Europe and North American in 2021.
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