Installations of Harvester-powered and Low-power Wireless Accelerometers in Industrial Environments for Predictive Maintenance (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2012)

Dr Jeremy E Frank, President
KCF Technologies
United States
Nov 07, 2012.

Presentation Summary

  • Focus on real-world stories of industrial wireless accelerometer installations with either battery power or harvester power
  • Assessment of the application-specific value case for energy harvesters or batteries
  • Descriptions of thermal, solar, vibration harvesters powering industrial wireless accelerometers
  • Presentation of several far-reaching designs with energy harvesters for unique applications

Speaker Biography (Jeremy E Frank)

Jeremy Frank is the President and co-Founder of KCF Technologies, Inc., a leader in developing innovative solutions in low power wireless sensing, energy harvesting, and smart material devices. Dr. Frank earned his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the Pennsylvania State University. He has been engaged for over a decade on the development and optimization of innovative low power sensors and actuators. KCF leverages both government and industry-funded research to accelerate the transition of advanced technologies to commercial products. Under Dr. Frank's leadership, company revenues have grown at an average annual rate of over 60 percent per year since its founding.

Company Profile (KCF Technologies Inc)

KCF Technologies Inc logo
KCF Technologies enables a smarter, sustainably powered Internet of Things. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, KCF Technologies is a dynamic technology development company that remains founder and employee-owned. We bring practical, innovative applications of low power wireless sensors, energy harvesters, and smart materials to our customers and partners. By leveraging internal and government funded R&D, university collaboration, and strategic industry partnerships, we create solutions that are rapidly advancing the state of the art in smart systems. We have a proven record of creating value from research; delivering a commercial outcome from all of our funded research programs.
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