iQmax® Smart Textile Materials and Modules And 2020 Innovative Products (Wearable USA 2019)

Dr Hank Lee, Vice President-Medical Device Dept.
Asiatic Fiber Corporation


USA 2019 _ Asiatic Fiber Corporation _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Asiatic Fiber Corporation _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Smart Textiles is a new topic in terms of wearable technology. The core technology of smart textiles is to combine fiber with electronics. AFC's core competencies are attributed to our broad portfolio of textile conductive materials and fiber. We aim to focus on developing textile conductive materials and textile modules, and building a bridge between textile and electronic components for our partners. The conductive materials such as conductive fibers and conductive inks can be applied to the textile structure for supplying electrical conductivity, sensing capabilities, and data transmission. On the other hand, the textile modules such as Wearable Modules, Heated Modules, TENS Modules, and Sensor Modules offer innovative solutions for smart textiles to achieve unlimited possibilities.

Speaker Biography (Hank Lee)

Dr. Lee majored in Physics and researched high temperature superconductivity at the university. He has over 20 years of experiences in Information Technology and has participated in the development and implementation of medical systems. Based on these backgrounds, Dr. Lee has been devoting to wearable electronics field in recent years. At present, Dr. Lee is the vice president of Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC), a well-known industrial and smart textile company in Taiwan. Dr. Lee is also responsible for the iQmax, the newest product line and smart textile business at AFC.

Company Profile (Asiatic Fiber Corporation)

Founded in 1973, Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC®) has transformed itself from a traditional textile company into a leading innovative player in the field of smart textiles along with the rapid growth of IoT technology. Our iQmax® smart performance modules are meticulously designed to serve as the innovation solutions for smart textiles, such as Wearable Modules, Heated Modules, TENS Modules, and Sensor Modules. Not only that, but we also create the connection between smart textile modules with smart devices, allowing control of various functions via mobile App and Bluetooth, bringing the unity between textile and electronic components to a higher tier.
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