Large Format Wire Based Film Projective Capacitive Touch Sensors (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Mike Cole, Director
United Kingdom
Apr 18, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

Mike Cole explains how visualplanet have been manufacturing and delivering thin film wire based large format touch sensors since 2004. Providing real examples and practical applications of the technology for public facing interactive touch solutions.
  • Who are visualplanet
  • Manufacturing thin film sensors
  • Implementation
  • Through window and outdoor case studies
  • Consideration of the needs and features of replacement technology for wire based touch sensors

Speaker Biography (Mike Cole)

Mike Cole is the joint owner of Visualplanet, which started in 2002, where he built the touchfoil manufacturing function and is now responsible for production, product development and marketing.
After completing his apprenticeship at Pye Unicam, a scientific instrument maker, he became a service engineer for a few years before moving into a sales and marketing role in the emerging computing industry.
He joined PIPEX, the first UK Internet provider in 1992 working as a Product Manager of the development team for the internet products during the development and growth of the Internet industry. Later becoming the Commercial Director for the UK.

Company Profile (Visualplanet)

Visualplanet logo
Visualplanet founded in 2002, is the home of the touchfoilTM a 100 micron film based projected capacitive (Pro-Cap) touch sensor that can be applied to and then works through thick glass.
In 2003 Visualplanet delivered the first 50 inch touchfoilTM used to turn a real estate window into an interactive touch solution. By 2004 visualplanet started manufacturing the touchfoilTM in volume, thus creating the world's first Pro-Cap touch sensor that could be scaled in sizes from 30 inches to over 100 inches.
Over the last nine years the touchfoilTM has become an integral part of an extensive range of bespoke touch solutions and standard interactive enclosures, built and delivered by visualplanet's world-wide network of VARs and OEMs.
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