Low Cost Printed Electrochromic Film (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2015)

Dr Damoder Reddy, Founder & CEO
Argil Inc
United States
Apr 29, 2015.

Presentation Summary

Smart window technologies based on liquid crystals, suspended particles and electrochromics are being adopted in architectural and automotive applications. Electrochromics switch at low voltage, consume less power but switch slowly and expensive to manufacture. We present a faster switching printed electrochromic film and compare it with other smart window technologies.

Speaker Biography (Damoder Reddy)

Damoder Reddy, Founder and CEO of Argil, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur who also founded Solexant, a printed nanocrystal thin film solar cell company and Nuelight, a mixed signal IC developer for AMOLED displays. He was COO of Opsys, an OLED materials/devices developer and COO of Lite Array, a china based TFEL display manufacturer. He held technical management roles at Raychem on Polymer dispersed liquid crystals, Rockwell on optical thin films, and Dow Chemical on thin film membranes. He obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Osmania University (India) and postdoctoral researcher at University of Denver and Princeton.

Company Profile (Argil Inc)

Argil Inc logo
Argil, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based start-up developing printed electrochromic devices on flexible substrates for wearable, automotive and architectural applications.
Argil plans to make and sell flexible switchable electrochromic film for (1) for wearable devices such as adjustable tint eyewear, goggles and visors, (2) laminated glass for automotive dynamic glazing, and (3) insulated glass (IG) for architectural applications.
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