Low Power Heart Rate Sensing For Wearable Devices (Sensors Europe 2017)

Dr Denis Sallin, ‎Chief Electronics Design Engineer


Europe 2017 Presentation - ActLight*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - ActLight*

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Company Profile (ActLight)

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ActLight is a Switzerland based startup company with focus on innovations and intellectual property related to characteristics of CMOS electronics when exposed to light.
ActLight offers a solution for an on-chip energy harvesting technology based on solar cells integrated directly into today's CMOS production process. Technology is validated and presently we are looking for technology partners in the area of wireless sensors and energy harvesting in order to bring the technology to market. Marketing, business development, and IP protection is done by top experts located in Japan, Switzerland and US. ActLight has won the "Swiss Venture Kick" competition and was also awarded a 2nd place in the "Swiss Innovation Award 2011".
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