Magnetisable Concrete For Wireless Charging (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Mr Mauricio Esguerra, CEO and Co-Founder


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Presentation Summary

Wireless power transmission promises to be the predominant charging technology especially for electric and especially for autonomous vehicles. Main advantages over wired charging are not only user convenience and safety, but also opportunity charging. Most challenging aspect is getting a high transfer efficiency between the primary (road) and secondary coils (vehicle) thanks to magnetic materials to focus the field generated by the primary coil. Magnetizable concretes offer by far the best performing and most competitive solution.

Speaker Biography (Mauricio Esguerra)

Mauricio Esguerra was born in Bogotá and holds a degree in physics from TU München and Ohio State University. He has more than 26 years of experience in the field of soft magnetic materials and applications, modeling, testing, inductive components, power electronics and LED lighting. He held various positions at various companies including Siemens, EPCOS, Dialight, Pulse, Falco and Eglo and is an active member of IEC standard committees. Mr. Esguerra holds fourteen patents and has published over 70 papers and is CEO and co-founder of MAGMENT UG.

Company Profile (Magment)

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MAGMENT magnetizable concretes are based on a cement matrix loaded with magnetizable particles. They can reach high permeabilities opening up a broad range of electromagnetic applications: wireless power transmission, induction cooking and inductive components. One main advantage is full integrability into concrete structures with high robustness and stability to environmental influences.
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