Manufacturing RFID Inlays With Conductive Inks and Adhesive Interconnect (RFID Europe 2007)

Mr Peter Van Vegten, Global Business Development Director
Acheson Colloids, Netherlands
Sept 19, 2007.


Acheson Colloids*

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Presentation Summary

  • Printing Methods For Conductive Inks to Manufacture RFID Antennae -Adhesive Interconnect For Die and Diestrap Attachment to Printed Antennae
  • Flexo Printing RFID Antennae
  • Summary and Outlook

Speaker Biography (Peter Van Vegten)

Peter van Vegten graduated in Chemical Engineering (Master of Science) at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands and joined the Acheson organisation in 1973 as section leader of R & D in lubricating and conductive coatings.
In the eighties he was Marketing Manager involved in, amongst others, the promotion of conductive inks.
In 1995 he became director of the European Acheson business division selling conductive coatings and inks.
Since 2005 he is globally responsible for new business development of Acheson's newly founded Electronic Materials Division focusing, amongst others, on conductive inks for RFID applications.