Materials That Help Bridge The Gap Between Imagination And Reality (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Ms Samantha Bazzell, Product Marketing Engineer
Hitachi Chemical
United States

Presentation Summary

Far too often innovative ideas must be changed because there are no materials available to bring them from concept to reality. With the accelerated pace of product development, especially in the Silicon Valley, materials have increasingly become a limiting factor to the creativity of Product Designers. This has resulted in markets saturated with products that are all essentially the same. Truly innovative products begin with innovative materials. This talk will focus on five innovative materials that Hitachi Chemical has developed to help bridge the gap between concept and reality.

Company Profile (Hitachi Chemical)

Hitachi Chemical logo
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1962, independent from Hitachi Ltd., and the headquarter is located in Tokyo. In 2010, paid-in capital was 15,454 million Japanese YEN, non-consolidated sales was 263 billion Japanese YEN, and the number of employee is 4,095. The principal lines of business are electronics related materials, advanced performance resins & materials, life-science & pharmaceuticals, carbon & ceramics, and automotive related products.
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