Multisensor Platform in an Health IoT Ecosystem enabling Democratization of Health Testing (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Dr Ali Tinazli, Chief Commercial Officer
United States

Presentation Summary

Today's health systems are financially unsustainable. Consumerization and digitization of healthcare diagnostics will be indispensable, not only in providing very positive impacts on healthcare outcomes, but also in helping to address the healthcare cost crisis across economies globally.

Speaker Biography (Ali Tinazli)

Prior to his role at Fluxergy as Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Ali Tinazli has been leading the corporate-wide, global strategy for Healthcare and Life Sciences for Hewlett-Packard (HP Inc.) and built a new life sciences business at SONY in his earlier career. He also currently serves as Board Member and Angel Investor at various start-up companies ranging from cyber security and digital health to oncology. Dr. Ali Tinazli has a deep background in the science and business of biomedicine and healthcare.

Company Profile (Fluxergy)

Today's testing market does not reach every single patient because of cost and accessibility. Fluxergy's vision is to make healthcare testing widely accessible, convenient, fast, and affordable. Fluxergy's portable platform will allow for PCR, chemistry, immunochemistry, and cytometry on a single device. By detecting genes, molecules, proteins, and cells within 15-45 minutes or less from sample collection, Fluxergy will redefine laboratory testing.
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