Nanoparticle High Conductivity Silver Ink (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Dr Luca Sorbello, Sales and Marketing Manager
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Dyesol*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Dyesol*

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Presentation Summary

Dyesols's inks use metal particles in a reactive functionalised organic carrier, Yield 3-10x higher conductivity than standard inks, Dyesol uses silver intelligently and efficiently, specially formulated to provide outstanding electrical conductivity at low cure temperatures < 180 ˚C with an excellent adhesion to a range of rigid and flexible substrates at a fine print resolution

Speaker Biography (Luca Sorbello)

Luca joined Dyesol in 2009 as technical manager for Dyesol Italia, first managing the research projects and sales in Italy and lately becoming the sales and marketing manager for the Dyesol group with a global market responsibility.
Luca has a bachelor degree in computer science from Leeds University, a Master degree in Business engineering from Tor Vergata university and a Doctorate from Tor Vergata in the field of knowledge management. He started working in the computer science field for several Italian companies reaching the CIO status, meanwhile he was appointed in several positions at Tor Vergata university and Malta university teaching on subjects such as information systems, human resource management, economics for engineers in various masters and undergraduate courses. He has also held different research positions on several themes concerning e-learning technologies and energy. His interest for energy matters and themes grew higher becoming his main research and work interest, in particular in the field of building integration systems and renewable energy. He is author of several articles and books.

Company Profile (Dyesol)

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Dyesol, a global supplier of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) photovolatic technology, is collaborating with top tier corporations around the world, such as Tata Steel, to develop flexible cell-based product solutions for the consumer goods market.
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