New Area of Printing Forms - potentials, challenges, applications. (Printed Electronics Europe 2009)

Dr Lutz Engisch,
Sächsische Walzengravur, Germany
Apr 08, 2009.

Presentation Summary

  • Challenges / problems for printing forms and makers in the new century.
  • Laser application - a versatile tool for print form makers.
  • New generation of printing forms.
  • Where? What? Why?: The need of characterization.

Speaker Biography (Lutz Engisch)

Lutz Engisch received his diploma and PhD in surface chemistry and spectroscopy at Chemnitz University of Technology. For 6 years he has been working in the field of marterial and digital printing. In 2008 he joined the SWG becoming the leader of the R&D department. His work focuses mainly on new potential and application fields for gravure and flexo printing.

Company Profile (SWG - Sächsische Walzengravur)

SWG - Sächsische Walzengravur logo
Founded as a roller engraving factory by August Dippmann in the town of Frankenberg in 1890, SWG looks back at a varied history of tradition and progress covering a period of three centuries. The descendants of the incorporator of the company together with the Janoschka Group successfully retransferred SWG to private ownership in 1991. Today, the company is a fully-levelled manufacturer of printing rollers, screens and sleeves, as well as embossing cylinders and sleeves. Using its extensive know-how and competence, SWG regards its most vital mission as satisfying requirements for surface enhancement in the printing and embossing industry. This is achieved through innovation, close and interactive co-operation with our clientele.
In a flat hierarchy, 125 highly motivated employees ensure a constantly growing turnover for all divisions. This being a sign of high customer satisfaction made it possible to invest more than 25 millions Euro in machinery, technical equipment, productions buildings and R&D department.
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