Novel Applications for New Electrophoretic Displays (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Dr Paul Apen, Chief Strategy Officer
E Ink Corporation
United States
Apr 28, 2015.

Speaker Biography (Paul G. Apen)

Dr. Paul Apen leads business strategy for E Ink as Chief Strategy Officer, including oversight of new business initiatives, business and commercial development. Dr. Apen has over 20 years management experience in advanced materials industries including displays, semiconductors, optical polymers, renewable energy and energy-efficiency. Dr. Apen initially joined E Ink as Vice President of Business Development in 2007 and held several executive management positions at E Ink. He also enjoyed a stint in 2011 as a business development executive in the renewable energy industry working on thin film solar. In 2012, Dr. Apen founded a consulting firm focused on developing market entry strategies for technology innovators in the display, solar, and advanced materials industries. Prior to joining E Ink in 2007, he was the Global Business Manager for Honeywell's Electronic Polymers business, which served the semiconductor, display, and solar cell markets. Dr. Apen also held several management positions at Honeywell's Electronic Materials business in product management and product development. Prior to that, he held senior management positions at Simula Inc., a manufacturer of engineered safety systems and optical polymers, and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Apen has a B.A. in chemistry and an economics minor from Colgate University and a M.S., Ph.D. in Organic Polymer Chemistry from University of Michigan.

Company Profile (E Ink)

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E Ink Corporation was founded in 1997. E Ink is the world's leading innovator of electronic paper display (EPD) technology. The company develops and delivers its advanced display products and e-paper technology to the world's most influential brands and manufacturers, enabling them to install extremely durable, low power displays and display elements in previously impossible or unimaginable applications and environments.
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