Optical Sensors in Organic and Plastic Electronics for Industry 4.0, Internet-Of-Things, Connected Object and Smart Lighting (Printed Electronics USA 2015)

Dr Olivier Dhez, Project Manager/Product Development


USA 2015 Presentation - ISORG*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - ISORG*

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Presentation Summary

The new technology of organic and printed electronics is based on deposition of conductive and semiconductor materials on plastic and glass. It enables creation of innovative products and services based on integration of sensors in smart surfaces able to detect presence / position of objects, gesture or for scanning surfaces. This technology fits ideally new demands for non-invasive, thin, robust and flexible sensors for IoT, Industry 4.0 and connected objects / wearable devices. First developments started for inventory control / logistics, connected retail, process control and biometrics sensors.

Company Profile (ISORG)

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We give vision to all surfaces.
ISORG is the pioneer company in organic and printed electronics for large-area photonics and image sensors, developing a disruptive technology converting plastic and glass surfaces into smart surfaces. ISORG offers a new generation of thin and flexible optical sensors for large area digital imaging & scanning, motion & object detection, interactive surfaces and light measurement.
7 Parvis Louis NĂ©el 38040 GRENOBLE Cedex 09 - Phone:+33 6 09 45 73 70
Contact: Laurent JAMET, Director business development - Email: laurent.jamet@isorg.fr
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