Plasma Deposited Water And Corrosion-Proofing Is Coming To Wearable Devices' Rescue (Wearable USA 2016)

Abe Ghanbari, Chief Solutions Officer
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Semblant*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - Semblant*

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Presentation Summary

By definition, wearables are the devices worn close to the body, on the body, or even in the body. One can imagine the technological challenges posed by either the adventitious or inherent harsh environmental conditions which these devices must operate in efficiently and reliably every day.
The growth and acceptance of the advanced wearable devices in the marketplace have been slow due to, inter alia, the miniaturization difficulties and materials compatibility with carnal chemistry and environmental safety. In addition, reliability and high-cost of production have been partially responsible for the slow growth of these devices. The majority of wearable devices consists of intricate sensors and complex miniaturized electronic components. The combination of sensors and electronic components must operate reliably and efficiently for a long time while exposed to vicissitudes of environmental conditions.
Semblant is a company devoted to the realization of innovative materials and thin film deposition techniques directly applicable to solving some of the vexing problems facing realization of innovative wearable devices. The solutions range from environmental protection to the much alternative to the traditional encapsulants and mold compounds used in advanced wafer level packaging (WLP).
This article reports the use of advanced organic and inorganic thin film materials developed by Semblant to remove some of the stumbling blocks impeding the market realization of low-cost high-volume wearable devices. Inexpensive, durable and efficient advanced thin-film technologies are needed to spur the market acceptance of wearable devices. So, the Semblant thin-film materials may be the ticket.

Speaker Biography (Abe Ghanbari)

Dr. Ghanbari is Chief Solution Officer of Semblant Global Company, a nanotechnology company providing state-of-the-art surface conditioning plasma polymerization solutions to microelectronics industry. Most recently, he was president and CEO of Folium Technology Consulting, which provided comprehensive consulting to the semiconductor, LED, and solar industries. Previously, Dr. Abe Ghanbari was VP/GM at NovaSolar; a-Si solar energy start-up in Fremont CA. At NovaSolar he led design, development, and deployment of all aspect of solar equipment and projects. Dr. Ghanbari is a "Clean Tech" advisor to the Plug & Play Technology Center in Sunnyvale California and serves on the BOD of the Sustainability Method Institute. He has 25 years executive leadership, business and technical experience in semiconductor, electronics, optics/photonics, flat panel display, LED, and solar industries. He has developed and successfully market launched more than 50 state-of-the-art complex products in aforementioned industries. Dr. Ghanbari received a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Illinois, and a PhD degree in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University. He also holds an MBA from Saint Mary's college with emphasis in operations and marketing management.