Printed Electronics Enables New Sound, Light and Touch Human Interface Devices (Printed Electronics Europe 2009)

Mr Geoff Boyd, New Business Development Director
NXT Technology, United States
Apr 08, 2009.


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Presentation Summary

  • Introduction to NXT and its Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology
  • Low cost multifunctional DML, Light, Touch and Haptics panels enabled by Printed Electronics
  • High information Content Human Interface Devices using multifunctional NXT panels

Speaker Biography (Geoff Boyd)

Geoff, who hails from the Caribbean, is a 1970 Commonwealth Scholar and Physics and Chemistry graduate of Leeds University with post-graduate and post-doctoral research experience in Material Science at Oxford University. Leaving academia in the early eighties he co-founded one the UK's leading first generation PC companies and then led the company that introduced the world's first computer interactive Videowall display systems which included marketing and selling these high technology display systems into Japan.
Joining NXT in 2000 as Display Technologist charged with the responsibility of developing SoundVu® (the screen IS the loudspeaker) Geoff has since held a number of senior technical sales and marketing positions within the organisation. More recently and in keeping with NXT's tradition of taking sound where sound could not go before, he has initiated a Printed Electronics program within NXT to deliver ultra thin form factor sound solutions for smart-packaging and other Printed Electronics applications. With his new roles at NXT of Global Business Development Director and Regional Sales Director - USA, he has recently relocated to Silicon Valley, California.

Company Profile (NXT Technology)

NXT Technology logo
NXT's business is the invention, patenting, licensing and marketing of enabling technologies in sound and touch. NXT is setting a new world-standard in loudspeakers. It offers a superior alternative to existing technologies across most product sectors while creating new opportunities where conventional technology has been unable to deliver. NXT has developed industry-specific expertise and is focused on helping its licensees advance product to market efficiently and cost effectively.
NXT has more than 250 licensees for its patented flat panel loudspeaker technology.
Licensees include 3M, Acer Computers, Armstrong, Authentic (mainly owned by NEC), DaimlerChrysler, Fujitsu Ten, General Motors, Intier, LG Electronics, Philips, Pioneer, Siemens, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Synaptics, TDK and Visteon. The company, which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol NTX), has a Technology Centre in Cambridge and operations in Yokohama, Hong Kong, Korea, Texas and California.
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