Progress from Glass to Flexible e-Books (Printed Electronics Europe 2009)

Ian French, Principal Scientist
Prime View International, United Kingdom
Apr 07, 2009.


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Presentation Summary

  • 1st Gen glass e-Boooks are recognised for being pleasant to read and easy to use
  • 2nd Gen e-Books will be thinner, lighter and more robust due to the use of flexible displays
  • Our flexible displays use most of the same equipment and processes as glass displays, so we have a largely proven technology with reduced start-up costs

Speaker Biography (Ian French)

Ian French gained his M.Sc at Dundee University under Speare and LeComber, the inventors of amorphous silicon TFTs that are the basis of the LCD industry today. He then worked on Large Area Electronics for more than 20 years in Philips Research. During that time he worked closely with TFT-LCD factories in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Netherlands and France, as well as developing dynamic x-ray detectors thast are now produced in the Netherlands. More latterly he developed the EPLaR method of making flexible displays. Philips licensed this to PVI of Taiwan and Ian was responsible for technology transfer. In 2008 he joined PVI as Principal Scientist, based in the UK and working on the development and exploitation of flexible displays.

Company Profile (Prime View International Co.)

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Prime View International (PVI) was established in 1992 as the first Taiwanese company to manufacture TFT-LCDs. In 2005 it acquired the e-Paper business of Philips and vigorously developed the technology and manufacturing capacity to provide the hardware for the burgeoning e-Book business we see today. PVI is now the world's main supplier of glass based e-Books. In 2007 it started developing the EPLaR method of making flexible displays as the next major step in the development of e-Books. Recently PVI took over HyDis of Korea, increasing it's capacity for manufacturing TFT plates four-fold.
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