QUANT 48VOLT - The World's First FLOW CELL Powered EV Gran Turismo With 48V Low Voltage Drive By nanoFlowcell (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Mr Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO

Presentation Summary

nanoFlowcell® is innovative flow cell energy technology. nanoFlowcell® powers one of the world's fastest electric cars, the QUANT 48VOLT, demonstrating that flow cells
are ecologically and economically sustainable, intrinsic safe, and convenient. nanoFlowcell® flow cell technology puts a new perspective on the socio-economic and ecological objectives of e-mobility as well as on the concept of the regenerative energy revolution.

Speaker Biography (Nunzio La Vecchia)

Nunzio La Vecchia is a Swiss-born entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO of the nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd. With a background in quantum mechanics, La Vecchia
started his research studies in alternative energy technology in the early 1990s.
Privately funded, he achieved break through research in flow cell technology by
developing the first mobile flow cell system; the nanoFlowcell flow cell system was first presented in 2014 with the QUANT E, the first electric sports car powered by flow cell energy technology. Since then, La Vecchia is refining his technological invention to make it adaptable to various mobile and static applications.

Company Profile (nanoFlowcell)

nanoFlowcell logo
nanoFlowcell is a research and development firm based near Zurich, Switzerland. The company has set new standards in the field of forward-looking energy-storage and innovative applications for flow cell energy technology. The company's current product portfolio encompasses the flow-cell based nanoFlowcell, its complementary bi-ION electrolyte liquid as well as material expertise and engineering knowledge for developing high- and low-voltage flow cell energy systems for mobile and static applications. The entrepreneurial concept of the company is to be research and development partner to the industry for eco-friendly and sustainable flow cell energy solutions and innovative low voltage drive technologies.
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