Reflective Electro-Wetting Displays For Out Of Home Display Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Dr Doeke Oostra, Vice President- Business Development


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Presentation Summary

Digital out of home displays are a very attractive medium to engage with the public. However, existing LCD technology has found very limited applicability for outdoors due to its low brightness in day light conditions. LED displays have found many applications, however general usage of LED displays is limited due to light pollution and power consumption.
This creates a need for reflective digital displays which are ideal for outdoor digital display solutions. The reflective nature guarantees excellent readibility under all conditions including bright sunlight. Reflective displays are very low in power consumption, thereby creating the opportunity for off-grid and mobile usage, and they do not generate light pollution. These characteristics enable users to create digital information solutions without objections from local communities and without negative impact on the environment.
Etulipa's electro-wetting display technology is ideally suited for full color reflective out of home displays because it makes use of subtractive color mixing to create a wide gamut of colors. The cyan-magenta-yellow stacks or tiles demonstrate excellent contrast and color performance.
Etulipa is field-testing the first product, the electronic changeable copy board. In parallel we have the matrix-based product in development. The panel housing of this matrix solution is designed for both black-and-white and color displays, which creates the opportunity to bring the full color reflective electro-wetting display faster to market.

Speaker Biography (Doeke Oostra)

Doeke Oostra has built an impressive track record in the optical component business. With a PhD background in physics, he worked in Philips Optoelectronics, and JDS Uniphase (later called JDSU, and now Lumentum) as product line manager. Subsequently he took a role as business development manager in Anteryon WaferOptics, the part of the former Philips Optics that focusses on lens solutions for mobile imaging. Since 2012 he is Vice President Business Development of Etulipa, a Philips spin-off bringing electro-wetting display technology to the digital out of home display market.

Company Profile (Etulipa)

Etulipa logo
At Etulipa we are transforming the world of outdoor digital screens
Etulipa is founded by Hans Feil. Hans has years of experience with Philips Research. He is the co-founder of Miortech and inventor of the 2nd generation electrowetting technology. Etulipa's products can be used in a wide range of applications. From billboards to electronic Changeable Copy Boards and from wayfinding to wall scaping or even color coding.
Etulipa reflective outdoor screens are the only direct alternative to LED-screens. The use of Etulipa reflective outdoor displays will greatly contribute to sustainability.
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