Reverse Offset Printing, Promising tool for printed TFTs (Printed Electronics Asia 2013)

Mr Masayoshi Koutake, Other Manager
Japan Chemical Innovation Institute
Juli 10, 2013.


Japan Chemical Innovation Institute - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • Key concept of the printing
  • Ink design for the realization of fine patterns
  • Demonstration of high resolution TFTs by the printing

Speaker Biography (Masayoshi Koutake)

Masayoshi Koutake is a manager of DICs' Corporate R&D Department. He has developed functional inks for printed electronics for about ten years. In 2006, he was dispatched to Japan Chemical Innovation Institute and has joined NEDO Project "Technological Development of Super Flexible Display Components".
Since 2011, he has been working at JAPERA (Japan Advanced Electronics Technology Research Association) supported by NEDO. In the organization, he is in charge of development of functional inks for components of printed TFTs.