Smart Medical Wearables To Improve Mobility: From Raw Data To Digital Biomarkers (Wearable Europe 2019)

Mr Alexis Mathieu, Co-Founder & CEO


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Using wearables to build new markers for chronic disease management:
• The example of mobility disorders and FeetMe
• Wearable technology allows real-world medical grade data generation.
• Simplicity and robustness are key for success.
• The road from data generation to biomarkers validation.

Speaker Biography (Alexis Mathieu)

Following his studies at Ecole Polytechnique, Alexis Mathieu started FeetMe facing strong unmet clinical needs within rehabilitation. Starting form sensors design up to market access, Alexis has lead the different stages of the company within strong regulatory constraints.
Alexis has built a team of 15 engineers, with broad expertise, ranging from physics to signal processing and biomechanics. He has set up a strong tech culture, including a focus on testing. For example, team members get to "dog food" the product they are building and jog around wearing the insoles, which is a testimony of their dedication! In addition, the team works day to day with physicians and key opinion leaders.
In a matter of months, Alexis has learned to speak a clinician's language and has built the solid relationships that are crucial to successful medtech innovation.

Company Profile (Feetme)

FeetMe is a digital health company developing innovative connected technologies and services to improve patient outcomes in functional care, track disease evolution, and optimize medication External Link
The innovative technology from FeetMe allows gait and posture analysis in real-time and real-life conditions. The technology combines pressure sensors, motion sensors and learning algorithms to analyse patients' functional capacity, as well as empower rehabilitation among sufferers of gait disorders.
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