Soft Devices for Healthcare Monitoring Applications (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Dr Laura Lopez, Head of Scientific Valorisation
Nov 20, 2014.

Presentation Summary

• Printed Electronics allow the creation of new and innovative functionalized textile products, in the demanding and highly specialized world of Medical Devices.
• The main aim of this whole new sector is to produce wearable, conformable, flexible and low-cost textile-based devices bringing innovative solutions to different markets.
• Real examples of how Printed Electronics have allowed to create new and innovative functionalized products for the healthcare sector will be shown.

Speaker Biography (Laura Lopez)

Ph.D. in Chemistry in the area of Surface Modification and MBI (Master in Business Innovation). For 3 years I have been Research Manager of CETEMMSA, leading the research lines related to Biofunctionalization, Photonics, Printed circuits and components and printed sensors and seeking for strategic collaborations. I'm experienced in business and technology transfer and IP management. Currently I am the Head of Scientific Valorisation of CETEMMSA.

Company Profile (Cetemmsa)

Cetemmsa logo
Cetemmsa is a Spanish private research center performing Technological Transfer to help companies to do business with new and innovative products. Cetemmsa focuses its R&D towards applied research, and production of prototypes in the area of smart devices.
The R&D core activities are focused on 2 topics:
  • printed electronic (printed flexible electroluminescent, printed photovoltaic, OLEDs, hybrid Organic/inorganic LEDs, sensors, SMD hybridized flexible circuits, printed primary batteries)
  • integration of electronic into textile / objects (pressure sensors matrices, motion and acceleration sensors, electroluminescent panels, optical fibers, LEDs, embedded circuitry and antennas, sensors, energy harvesting solutions).
Cetemmsa is also member of the OE-A, and co-funded the Spanish cluster for Printed Electronics PEC4 (
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