Soft Sensors For Disappearables (IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016)

Dr Ben O'Brien, CEO
New Zealand

Presentation Summary

Disappearables are wearables so unobtrusive they are invisible to the user. They will radically change how we interact with our devices but require new sensor technology to do so. In his talk Ben will discuss some of the challenges in creating truly unobtrusive sensors for disappearables as well as the implications for user experience and business models.

Speaker Biography (Ben O'Brien)

Dr. Ben O'Brien is the CEO of StretchSense and a pioneer in the wearable sensor industry. After co-founding StretchSense in 2012, Ben won the Prime Ministers MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Prize, and in 2015 he won the New Zealand Hi-Tech Young Achiever's Award.
Ben is passionate about applying cutting edge research to commercial applications. He envisions a future of wearables that are so unobtrusive they are invisible to the user.

Company Profile (StretchSense Limited)

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StretchSense is a B2B supplier of lightweight and high-precision sensors for companies in wearables, healthcare, sports, and motion capture industries. Soft and stretchy capacitive sensors are a new type of sensor that is in strong demand for wearable technology, a current mega trend determining new ways of human-device interaction, sports training and healthcare provision.
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