Strategies To Protect Wearable And Portable Electronic Devices With Plasma Deposited Functional Nanocoatings (Wearable Europe 2019)

Filip Legein,


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Speaker Biography (Filip Legein)

Filip Legein holds a MSc in Materials Engineering and MBA of the KU Leuven in Belgium.
He managed Europlasma as CEO from 2008 to 2018, during which period he transformed Europlasma from high tech machine builder to licensing company of nanocoating solutions for end markets such as filtration, technical textiles, medical and electronic devices.
After the company was acquired by Andlinger & Company in August 2018 Filip joined the board of Europlasma as executive director responsible for IP and the development of next generation technology.

Company Profile (Europlasma)

Europlasma is a global technology leader in ultra-thin coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology, for which it develops proprietary processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and supplies process chemicals.
With over 25 years of experience in plasma technology, Europlasma helps its customers in achieving the highest performance and protection for their products, with a production process that has the lowest environmental footprint.
Europlasma's technology is increasingly used on industrial scale for protective coating of electronic devices and components, medical devices, and for functionalization of technical textiles.
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