Stretchable And Pliable Electronics With Ink-Free SCBI Metallization Process (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Dr Sandro Ferrari, Director of Operations


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

A very strong interest is growing on the possibility to embed electronics on stretchable and pliable substrates capable to withstand extensive stretching an folding for applications in the medtech, wearable and sensors fields. Most of the current solutions are based on conductive inks that cannot be used to produce highly biocompatible circuits and that are extremely difficult to apply to polymers such as silicone rubber.
WISE Srl has developed a proprietary process based on physical metallization, the Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation (SCBI). SCBI consists in implanting neutral metal particles in a preformed elastomeric base in order to form a conductive and stretchable metal-polymer skin on and below its surface. The particles, of a few nanometers in size, are produced by a cluster source and accelerated aerodynamically to form a highly collimated beam. When the particles impact with the elastomeric substrate, they get implanted for a depth of several hundreds of nanometers, forming a conductive nanocomposite. The process does not heat the substrate above room temperature and can be applied to elastomeric films that can be as thin as desired. Thanks to the high collimation of the beam, patterns below 100 m can be produced by means of stencil masks, i.e. without the need of photolithography and with masks that can be indefinitely reused.
Thanks to its characteristics, SCBI allows to metalize silicone rubber with any kind of metal, including platinum particles. The use of platinum allows to form highly biocompatible, compliant and minimally invasive electrodes for med-tech applications. WISE is currently exploiting the technology to produce implantable electrodes for neuromonitoring, that are class III medical devices. These are placed on the surface of the brain during cancer surgery to monitor the motor cortex. The clinical validation of the WISE's cortical electrodes in now under way with a multi-centric, multi-national clinical trial. The final CE approval is expected for 2019.

Company Profile (Wise srl)

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WISE is a manufacturing company developing highly conformable stretchable electronics that is produced with the innovative proprietary technology "Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation" (SCBI). SCBI consists in embedding metal nanoparticles inside a preformed elastomeric base in order to form a conductive and stretchable metal-polymer skin on its surface.
WISE is currently focused on the production of a genuinely new generation of implantable medical devices: conformable electrodes for Neuromonitoring and Neuromodulation of the brain and the spinal cord. WISE can also produce a wide range of electrodes that are foldable, stretchable, lightweight, highly ergonomic and extremely soft & thin.
WISEinside: electronics made stretchable.
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