The Art of Seamless System Integration. The Iilation Jacket: First and Foremost a Luxury Leather Jacket. (Wearable Technology Europe 2015)

Mr Markus Strecker, CEO and Founder
Apr 29, 2015.

Presentation Summary

"Conformable electronics" open new avenues for a true wearable system
integration. Garments contain/include sensors and actuators, wireless links
and all useful functions - and still remain a stylish garment/piece of clothing.
Key to success and acceptance is the value these systems bring to their users on a daily basis. A seamless and consequent system integration allows for the electronics system to subordinate to the garment.
A sucessful system still has to be like the garment you want to wear on a daily basis.
Novel technologies stand for a bright future of such wearable devices.
The developer today can use a wide variety of technology building blocks, the speech will give an insight in some technology trends and novel results.

Speaker Biography (Markus Strecker)

Markus Strecker is the CEO and founder of Teiimo. He is an international executive and a renowned technology expert in semiconductor electronics and wearable product development with experience in large corporate operations, as well as in start-up environments. His track record in transferring research results into products is outstanding.
His career started in large electronics technology companies as for example Motorola or Infineon. Later he joined adidas to lead the development of the miCoach Elite Team System. The system was in use by the German National Team and numerous professional soccer teams all over the world.

Company Profile (Teiimo)

Teiimo logo
Teiimo is a technology company specialized in the field of conformable electronics. It creates its own innovative and high quality products, develops systems and components from concept to series production, and takes care of the system integration.
In 2014 Teiimo introduced its first product: the iilation Jacket, a fashionable luxury leather jacket that heats the shoulders, back, neck, kidneys, serves as a Bluetooth hands free calling device, plays music, and offers cell phone charging capability. The iilation Jacket is a perfect example for the power of conformable electronics and sets new standards in integration level and functional density for smart garments.
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