The Pivotal Role of Nanoparticles in Ultra High Barrier Films (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Mrs Zin Ma Shwe, Senior Process Development Engineer
Tera-Barrier Films
Apr 18, 2013.

Presentation Summary

  • Latest developments in Nano-particulate barrier structures
  • Results on Barrier, Optical and Mechanical Properties
  • Nanoparticulate barrier films and breakthrough device performance

Company Profile (Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd)

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TERA‐BARRIER FILMS is jointly founded by Senthil Ramadas and Mark Auch along with Exploit Technologies Pte. Ltd. TBF is a spin‐off company from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering/A*STAR. The strong patent portfolio (29 patents) on transparent gas barrier technology, encapsulation and gas permeation measurement system has been transferred to the company. The technology know‐how and expertise could provide a total barrier solution for flexible solar cell and flexible electronics device manufacturers. Tera‐Barrier is working in nexus with solar, display and printed electronics customers and has received several product validation reports.
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